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Softem Herbal Keratin Extract Shampoo 2 X 400 Ml

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2 Pieces Softem Herbal Keratin Extract Shampoo 400 ml

"Don't let the sun damage your hair"
Keratin in the content of Herbal Keratin Shampoo is a substance naturally found in people's skin, hair, teeth and nails. In its deficiency, problems such as paleness of the skin, dull appearance of the hair, shedding, lifelessness and breakage can be seen.

As the keratin substance, which makes the hair look alive, decreases, the hair starts to look dull and dry.

Keratin contains proteins that nourish the hair deeply.

In addition, keratin accelerates the circulation in the scalp and helps to maintain the oxygen balance of the hair.

Softem Herbal Keratin Extract Shampoo is a herbal shampoo containing herbal keratin and herbal extracts. Softem Herbal Keratin Extract Shampoo contributes to the repair of damaged hair, allowing you to have more vibrant and healthy hair. Softem Herbal Keratin Essence Shampoo is especially preferred by people who are extra interested in hair care.

Softem Herbal Keratin Extract Shampoo, which is produced under the necessary hygienic conditions in Aksu Vital R&D center, is produced with high quality active ingredients.

It is also suitable for use on damaged hair.

It does not contain parabens, silicones, colorants and SLS.

Ingredients::Aqua, Keratin, SodiumLaurylEtherSulphate, CocamidopropylBetain, SodiumLaurethSulfate (And) GlycolDistearate (And) Cocamide MEA (And) Laureth-10, Polyquaternium-7, Glycerin, Climbazole, Propylene Colycol, Styrene Colycol, Styrene/Acrycoil,OlicopolylatesOlicopolylates EGO, EG -7 Esters, AloeBarbadensisLeafJuice, AesculusHippocastanumExtract, ChamomillaRecutitaExtract, MelaleucaAlternifoliaLeafExtract, CocoylHydrolyzedKeratin, Parfum, BenzylAlcohol (And) Methylchloroisothiazolinone (And) Methylchloroisothiazolinone (And) Methylisothiazolinone (And) Methylisothiazolinone (And) Methylisothiazolinone, Tetriisothiazole

Consumption Recommendation: Apply to wet hair twice a week. Regular and continuous use is recommended.

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 5 years.

Weight: 400 ml

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