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Balen Ginkgo Biloba 600 Mg 60 Tablets

Product Code: 1367029
  • $7.75

Tags: Balen, Ginkgo, Biloba, 600, Mg, 60, Tablets

Balen Ginko Biloba 600mg 60 Tablets

Balen Ginkgo Biloba Extract Capsule, which has managed to be included in Food Supplements thanks to the active ingredients it contains for the continuation of a healthy life, has developed itself in plant extracts and food supplements and is produced in Balen Herbal Products Arı Engineering Facilities, which is on the way to become one of the top brands in this field. Balen, which has all the quality certificates in its field, has succeeded in distinguishing itself from other market products in terms of quality. Usage information is indicated on the product.

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