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Shiffa Home(Aksuvital) Rlx Herbal Mixture 560 Mg 60 Capsules

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Shiffa Home Rlx (Relax) 560mg 60 Capsules

As a result of the intense pace of life and unhealthy working conditions, the most common stress problem in our age,
It affects our quality of life with nervous wear, extreme tension and also negatively affects our productivity.
affects. Negative approach to life and negative mood cause different ailments over time.
To overcome this, exercise, reconsideration of diet,
Of course, improving environmental conditions is very important. However, we live our lives with various plants.
We must enrich. Relax capsule contains fennel, linden, lavender, St. John's Wort, hops,
It is a completely natural herbal product consisting of chamomile and melissa extract.

Our product does not contain any additives.
It preserves the color and smell taken from nature.
Color and odor vary according to various physical factors.
The characteristics of the soil where the plant grows, the climatic conditions of the environment where it grows,
collection time of the plant, drying conditions affect the color, taste and smell of the product.
We do not use artificial fragrances, flavors and coloring agents in our products.
For this reason, a standard odor, taste and color may not be observed in our products,
Each series may be different from each other. The purity and naturalness of our products are guaranteed by our company.
Our capsules are completely of vegetable origin.
It is not contain anything of animal.
It dissolves in the stomach in 8-10 minutes.
As packaging, the product is amber colored for protection from light,
glass, which is the representative of health and naturalness, is used.
The extract is created by modern extraction processes of the active substance in the product,
are components of the plant itself.

Usage Suggestion:
For adults, 2 herbal capsules can be taken twice a day before or after meals.
1. Pregnant women are not recommended to use.

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