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Sema Baby Mattress Protector Sheet - Mattress (70x140cm)

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Sema Baby Mattress Protector Sheet - Mattress (70x140cm)
Ideal for babies, bedwetting children, the elderly and the sick.
It provides a safe and comfortable sleep at home, hotel, kindergarten, dormitories, hospitals, retirement homes.
100% liquid-proof membrane layer
Breathes, expels water vapor
It is thin and flexible, does not disturb. Doesn't make a sound
Easy to use
The sweat that occurs during sleep dries in a short time, providing a clean and fresh sleep.
Effective against bacteria and dust mites
Protects bearings from dirt, moisture and dust.
Made of anti-bacterial material
It is hypoallergenic and skin friendly
It can be connected under the bed with rubber, does not slip
It is practical use. No ironing required after washing.
Does not contain PVC.
Thanks to its soft surface, it does not harm your baby's skin.
Material Used: Outer: 20% polyester towel (towel) 80% cotton Inner: 100% polyurethane
Dimensions: 70x140 cm
Waterproof Mattress Protector (Manufacture: Turkey)

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