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Sema Baby Breastfeeding And Baby Support Cushion - Pink

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Tags: Sema, Baby, Breastfeeding, And, Baby, Support, Cushion, -, Pink

is the schema for the baby, breast-feeding and infant support pillow - pink

  • age of use during pregnancy and after birth -18 months
  • Pregnancy: allow you to relax and get between your knees while you are sleeping or resting
  • after the birth: Breastfeeding cushion
  • your baby comfortably, without the headaches of your back correct breastfeeding position is designed for holding it to be able to breastfeed comfortably
  • a U-shaped design, so breastfeeding your baby to your chest and the waist can easily provide the right place for you.
  • Any time you can breastfeed without getting tired
  • when you have a baby in one hand, leaving your other hand, you can easily use the cushion
  • you won't need someone else's help,
  • provides your baby a safe and comfortable environment as mother's lap with the soft form
  • can be used while sitting or lying down
  • eliminates the need for a private lactation seat
  • incorrect posture while nursing, becoming inactive or long-term back and arm tension or pain that can occur, for power consumption reasons it puts an end to Marras the region, protects your health
  • you can safely use bottle feeding tirelessly
  • thanks to the special design, suitable for both fathers and mothers
  • your baby growing up: Baby support pillow
  • in the first months of your baby's nutrition, exercise, and helps in the development of motor skills during playtime
  • 2 months and over backwards usage: recognize lying around your baby , enables you to strengthen your memory. It will also reduce the risk of reflux after breastfeeding, as it increases the angle of hospitalization
  • Supine use for 3 months and above: Experts recommend that babies spend 30 minutes of each day on the abdomen. Playing games on the abdomen, exercising or even just standing helps the development of the muscles of the upper trunk, which babies need november crawl. Breastfeeding your baby with Down cushion will be very comfortable
  • sitting over 6 months and use: your baby's development of the muscles in the body, and help you learn to sit up
  • soft design provides your baby with a safe and comfortable environment as mother's lap, lets have fun
  • material: PU leather case (100% cotton fabric and lining) Fill(anti-allergenic 100% silicone fiber)
  • washable in the washing machine at 30 degrees
  • Dimensions: 50x50cm
  • manufacturing defects, defective products will be replaced with a new one
  • place of production: Turkey (Baby maternity and nursing & pillow sitter)

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