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Mamajoo Pacifier Strap - Blue

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Mamajoo Pacifier Strap

Mamajoo Pacifier Hanger, which allows the pacifiers to be securely attached to the baby's clothes, prevents the pacifier from falling to the ground or being thrown on the floor by the baby. Thus, it provides an effortless use and remains hygienic as the pacifier will not fall to the ground.
The practical attachment lock of the Mamajoo Pacifier Holder can be opened and closed easily with one hand.
Thanks to the wide surface of the clip, the pacifier hanger stays firmly on the clothes without leaving any marks, and does not fall off even if the baby moves.
The mouth opening of the clip is extra wide for easy attachment to baby clothes.
The hook is specially designed so that it can be easily attached to the pacifier ring.
High quality hanger fabric conforming to Ökotex-Standard 100 is saliva and sweat proof.
Cleaning and Maintenance:
Wipe the pacifier holder only with a damp cloth that does not contain abrasive detergents and dry thoroughly. Do not wash in a washing machine or dishwasher.

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