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Johnson's Baby Oil 300ml

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Johnson's Baby Oil 300ml
     Moisturizes and protects baby's delicate skin from drying out
     It locks up to 10 times more moisture in the skin and leaves your baby's skin soft and smooth.
     Pure mineral oil creates a silky barrier that helps prevent excessive moisture loss
     Ideal for massaging babies and strengthening the bond between parent and baby
     Clinically proven to help prevent excessive moisture loss.
     When applied to wet skin, it traps up to 10 times more moisture than many lotions and creams.
     Its softness has been proven by clinical tests.
     It is hypoallergenic and formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.
     It is also used to soften the hosts in the newborn.
     Pour a small amount into palms and rub hands to warm them, then apply lightly to skin.

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