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Kanz Hamburg 70x110cm Rotating Playpen Travel Bed

Product Code: 1370163
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Kanz Hamburg 70x110cm Rotating Playpen Travel Bed
Can be used from birth
Possibility of use on 3 separate floors for different ages: Foldable travel bed (0-36 months); Intermediate coat (0-12 months) ; Changing unit (0-12 months)
Music(+mp3), Light and Vibrating Luxury Fun mobile
Extra padded comfort mattress
Special Luxury Soft Fabric
Takes up little space
Thanks to its wide wheels, it can be easily taken from the place where it is installed to another room.
The product has an easy folding and unfolding feature.
Special carrying case for easy carrying when folded
Aluminum body
swaying feet
Changing unit with toys
Storage pocket
3 compartment side cleaning shelf
Mesh windows for easy viewing of baby while playing
Play gate where baby can enter and exit the park easily
Capacity: 10 kg in intermediate layer, 10 kg in changing diapers; General Maximum payload 15 kg
Manufactured in accordance with N 71/CE standard
Fabric materials do not contain azo dyes
Weight: 15 kg
Can be cleaned with a damp cloth
Dimensions: 70x 110 x 81 cm when open; When in the bag: 77 x 28 cm)
Kanz and Piere Cardin branded products Veta A.Ş. It is guaranteed for 24 months by

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