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Sema Baby Silicone Gathering Corset - White S

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Sema Baby Silicone Gathering Corset - White S


With its air permeability feature, your skin will not be uncomfortable, it will not sweat and you can use it comfortably.
It provides a smooth form by providing different pressure to different parts of your body with its improved seamless knitting technology.
It allows you to return to your old form by recovering the stomach, abdomen and hips.
Prevents unwanted sagging after birth
In particular, post-pregnancy corset types produced with seamless corset fabric technology with no seam marks can be used easily because they do not harm the sensitive skin after pregnancy.
It helps you feel more alive by accelerating the blood circulation in the capillaries.
It has a soft texture
It stimulates the abdominal muscles, which stretch excessively and lose their strength during pregnancy, and restores them.
With its special structure, it prevents abdominal cracks that occur after birth.
The silicone section on the upper part of the corset prevents the corset from slipping, grips your skin and does not disturb you.
Washable at 30 degrees, does not fade and shrink
The anti-allergic kun substance in its content prevents your skin from being uncomfortable.
100% polyester material is used

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