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Sema Baby Letti Waist Postpartum Recovery Corset 006 Size: 44

Product Code: 1370281
  • $9.66

Tags: Sema, Baby, Letti, Waist, Postpartum, Recovery, Corset, 006, Size:, 44

Postpartum Body Reduction Feature
The hems have been developed in such a way that they do not leave marks inside your clothes.
Thanks to its antibacterial feature, it prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi and the unwanted odors they cause.
Pressure areas added to the sides and waist shape the hips and abdomen better.
With the application of ANTISLIDE silicone into the waist, slipping of the products is prevented. The silicone material used is compatible with the skin and does not have an allergic effect.
It provides a comfortable use in your daily clothes.

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