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Mamajoo 2li Feeding Spoon & Storage Box / Pink

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2 Mamajoo Feeding Spoons & storage box

age of use: 6 months +


mamajoo Feeding Spoons baby's health by keeping at the forefront of our manufacturing facilities ISO 9001 certified to European Union standards with the latest technology and food convenient BPA-free is manufactured from high quality raw material.

The ergonomic long handle of the mamajoo Feeding Spoons is designed for a comfortable grip and for use in the deepest jars as well. In addition, the support section located at the back end of the spoon handle is specially designed to prevent the spoon from sliding into the plate. The rounded lines and the tip of the spoon suitable for baby anatomy are shaped according to the tiny mouths.

mamajoo Feeding Spoons are packaged together with a sterilizable storage box. Thus, a practical and economical solution is offered to parents for hygienically storing and transporting spoons at home or outdoors.


mamajoo Feeding spoon, long, ergonomic handle and wide-mouth bottle or jar allows you to comfortably feed your baby from.  

The size and rounded tip of the mamajoo Feeding Spoon are designed to fit babies' mouths, taking into account their anatomy.

The support section on the back end of the spoon is designed to hold the spoon to the sides of the cup and plate and prevent it from sliding into the plate. 


The mamajoo Spoon Storage box is the most ideal solution for storing a spoon in a hygienic form when you are not using it, with the form and practical lock system suitable for a mamajoo Feeding Spoon.

The mamajoo Feeding Spoon is designed and manufactured for practical use, flexible and at the same time extremely durable.

to the appropriate European standard: EN 14372

package included:

2 x mamajoo Feeding Spoon
1 x storage box

cleaning and maintenance:

mamajoo Feeding spoons and storage boxes in the top rack of the dishwasher or by hand with soap and water washable and can be sterilized with mamajoo sterilizor. In order not to shorten the life of the product, avoid using abrasive detergents.

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