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Sevi Bebe Multifunctional Baby Net & Cushion - Blue

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Bebe Love multi-function baby Bag & Mat - Blue

  • this product is a three-in function you will be able to use
  • the Nets when using 6 months of a regular bathroom, multi-function baby bath net/ 2 until the age of the cushion, you can use




  • position the bath in water: some mothers while giving the baby a bath, they want the baby to touch the water.In this case, without the use of plastic holders, the product is used as a bath mat, the suction cup under the cushion is glued to the bathtub.In this way, the water is prevented from lifting the cushion
  • BATH Net Position: Until the baby sits in the bathtub, 5 plastic holders on the net are attached to the bathtub, as shown in the picture, the baby is safely bathed. Since this product enters the tub, both the baby will be closer to the water and will not get cold, and there will be no risk of throwing himself out of the tub
  • sItting position : Babies do not lie in the net after 6 months. It is even more difficult to bathe the baby after the baby starts to sit down. In this case, you can bathe the baby in a sitting position, as in the picture, without installing the two plastic holders in the middle. They will feel safer holding their special and soft handles with their hands.In addition, hard bath seats hurt the ovaries in boys. With the softness of the bead satraphor, the problem of crushing will also disappear

    Multifunctional baby bath net/cushion uses mesh fabric and bead styrofoam. After removing the product from the water, the water will drain and dry in a short time. Like a sponge, bacteria do not grow by holding dirty water in it. Beads , Styrofoam, hot dinner plates , tea and coffee cups are too healthy to be used








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