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Mamaroo 4.0 App Dark Grey Cool Mesh

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Mamaroo 4.0 App Dark Grey Cool Mesh

Mamaroo has a distinctive appearance.
Mamaroo swings both up and down and moves just like you.
The five real movements are designed based on the movements of the parents.
The 4moms team measured the movements of mom and dad via motion sensors and adapted them to mamaRoo.
MamaRoo is the only baby cradle with 5 speed settings and is designed to comfort the baby based on the natural movements of the parents.
MamaRoo's toys are soft, the inner cover is also very comfortable.
The cover is machine washable and the zipper is easy to put on and take off.
The reversible toy balls are also reversible, one side is designed for 4-month-old babies who can only choose colors.
The other side of the toys is designed for older babies.
Newborn babies' eyes are only 20-25 cm. MamaRoo's mobile is also positioned at this distance, as they can focus beyond.
Babies under 8 weeks are not ready to play with toys and can only watch. Especially newborn babies can concentrate on mamaRoo's toys, which increases their visual skills.
You can adjust the seating unit of Mamaroo to the desired sleeping position.
Integrated natural sounds are used and Application feature is added.
It is environmentally friendly, it does not run on batteries, it works with electricity.
Carrying Capacity: 9 Kg.

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