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Pierre Cardin 3-pack Training Panties 10-15kg - White

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Pierre Cardin 3-pack Training Panties 10-15kg - White
Weight range: 10-15 kg
It is machine washable or hand washable.
waterproof air permeable
Sweatproof and leakproof
Does not cause rash
Does not cause allergies, absorbs 30% more liquid than normal cotton
Absorption is increased with extra interlayer
Outside is cotton, inside is liquid-proof fabric.
The interior is absorbent terry cloth
The 2nd layer is a liquid impermeable polyurethane membrane
3. The outer layer is cotton fabric
The leg part is made of a special rubber to prevent the pee from leaking out.
Does not contain PVC and harmful substances
Every material from fabric to sewing thread used in our products has Class 1 certificate, which is the highest level of Öko-Tex 100 Standard and especially given to baby products.
The legs are made of very soft Bamboo Rib fabric, and they are designed to fit your child's legs well but not disturb them.
No PVC or similar carcinogenic materials are used in our products.
Another fiber-reinforced absorbent zone has been added to the terry cloth in the inner layer.
It has a breathable but liquid-proof feature.

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