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Friendly Organic Stroller and Car Seat Cleaner - 250 ml

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Friendly Organic Stroller and Car Seat Cleaner - 250ML
Made from active ingredients derived from plants
Has a neutral pH
Gentle on the skin
Free of phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine and dyes
SLS free
Made from renewable raw materials
It is ecological
Free of synthetic perfumes and dyes
1,4- Does not contain dioxane
Friendly Organic Stroller and Car Seat Cleaner removes the stains and odors that permeate strollers and car seats thanks to the plant-based active ingredients in its specially developed formula.
With its natural content formula, it deeply cleans and removes dust, dirt and stubborn stains on fabric, metal, plastic surfaces of strollers and car seats.
It is produced from sustainable and renewable plants.
The bottle and cap of the product are recyclable.

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