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Babybjörn Bliss Main Lap Mesh / Anthracite Leopard

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BabyBjörn Bliss Baby Carrier

BABYBJÖRN® New Classics will be the new favorite of mothers with its Leopard pattern, the fashion trend of 2021!

The new classic Bliss Leopard Collection, presented to the taste of mothers, combines safety, ergonomics and unique design.


While your baby is happy, healthy and peaceful, you can comfortably do all your daily chores. Rocking isn't just for fun and relaxation, your child will practice basic motor movements and balance while rocking himself.


- Comfort and fun for your baby

A pleasant shake brings happiness and peace to your baby.

- Improves motor skills and balance

A calm and natural rocking develops your child's motor skills.

- No batteries needed

Bliss Baby's lap shakes with your child's own movement, which supports their development.

As your baby sits on a breathable, airy knit fabric, he sways in his lap with natural movements.

- Provides the right protection for the back and head

The seat, which is shaped according to your baby's body, is ergonomically designed.

- Easily foldable

It takes up very little space.

Its unique soft, breathable mesh fabric reduces the effect of heat and humidity and provides comfort by keeping the baby fresh.

It was designed through close work with medical professionals, parents and children.

Thanks to its gray chassis and quilted fabric, the extremely comfortable Bliss Baby Carrier allows your baby to rest or play safely.

It turns into a comfortable seat when your child is big enough to sit on the mother's lap by himself. In this case, the seat belt and the toy must be removed.

It can be adjusted easily and silently. It is securely fixed.

It can be used from birth up to 2 years (3.5 kg - 13 kg).

It can be adjusted to three positions: play, rest and sleep.

Game: 13 kg. / Rest: 10 kg. / Sleep: 7 kg.

Soft, durable double-sided fabric cover provides comfortable and long-term use.

The soft padded cover around the metal chassis gives a pleasant touch.

The rubber protection on the lower edges of the chassis prevents the floor from being damaged and the baby lap from slipping.

You can also take it on travels as it is compact and folds easily.

Test & Security:

It does not contain any material harmful to health. All fabrics have been tested in a way that will not harm your baby's skin and its safety has been approved by obtaining Öko-Teks 100 standard, 1st class certificate. It complies with EN13209-2 EU standard and ASTMF2236 and CPSIA 2006 US standards.

Cleaning Features:

The cover is very easy to remove and wash. Machine wash separately at maximum 40°C. Do not dry in the dryer and do not iron the knitted fabric. Use environmentally friendly, mild and bleach-free detergent.

Product Ingredient Content / Fabric Material:

Warm and comfortable for your baby. It is made of soft, breathable fabric. The seat is reinforced with waterproof fabric.

Carrying Capacity: Maximum 13 kg

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