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BabyBjörn Soft Plastic Bib Powder Green / Blue

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BabyBjörn Soft Plastic Bib



Addressed Age Range: It can be used as long as needed from the moment the child starts eating solid food.


BABYBJÖRN® Soft Plastic Bib is produced by designing tiny soft beads to make the child's neck feel soft.

No matter how active the child is at the table, the spilled pieces of food stay in the folded-out pocket of the apron.

Ergonomic design perfect for a perfect fit for your child's body.




It can be adjusted according to your child's development. It is extremely easy for parents to put on and take off.

Ergonomic design perfect for adapting to your child's body.

No matter how active your child is at the table, spilled food particles stay in the folded-out pocket of the apron.

No more need to wash cloth bibs, simply rinse the BABYBJÖRN® Soft Plastic Bib with water and reuse.

Practical hole for hanging when not in use.

The folded pocket is ideally sized so it won't get stuck at the bottom of the table.


Quality Certificates: Tested and approved according to the European Standard EN71 for children's nutrition products and toys.


Product Ingredient Content: Durable and recyclable material. It does not contain PVC or harmful phthalein derivatives.


Cleaning Features: It is easily cleaned with plenty of warm water.


Package Contents: 2 Pcs Large Size BabyBjörn Soft Plastic Bib

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