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Sema Baby Breastfeeding Athlete Ecru Size 100

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Sema Baby Breastfeeding Athlete Ecru Size 100

Designed to help you breastfeed your baby comfortably and healthily.
Thanks to its comfortable and easy-to-open clips, it allows you to breastfeed your baby without removing your underwear.
Since it has a top-opening feature, the mother's abdomen remains closed during breastfeeding, and it also covers the waist area.
Ideal for mothers who don't want to wear a bra
While breastfeeding the baby, it provides full contact of the breast with the baby, giving the mother great comfort.
Thanks to its design, it allows the baby to reach both breasts easily.
Thanks to its model structure, it provides easy access of the T-shirt from the middle and upper parts.
Thanks to its design, it provides the opportunity to use it during pregnancy and after the birth.
It looks slim thanks to its modern design
It is made of cotton yarn with a flexible structure, does not sweat, provides air circulation, makes you feel comfortable.
Material Used: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
It can be easily used in a blouse due to its thin straps.
It is antibacterial, antiallergic
Does not show nipples
No seams on chest exit windows
Since it has double hangers, it does not sag in use.
There is no azo-containing substance in the paint
Color Options: White, Black, Ecru(TEN)
Machine washable at 30 degrees
Nursing Underwear (Manufacture: Turkey)

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