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Chicco Alattasicura Breast Pad 60 Pcs

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Chicco Alattasicura Breast Pad 60 Pcs
Chicco Alattasicura Breast Pad 60'

During the breastfeeding period, especially in the sensitive beginning period, uncomfortable irritations and crevices may occur in the breasts that make breastfeeding difficult and painful and require special care and hygiene.
These bacteria-preventing breast protection pads provide maximum safety during the sensitive breast-feeding period. The special anti-bacterial texture prevents the growth of bacteria in the pad, while at the same time protecting the breast by forming a mechanical barrier. Super absorbent mirco particles hold the milk drops and prevent them from coming to the surface. It keeps the skin always dry. Its air-permeable outer surface helps the nipple and skin to breathe, preventing irritation. Its thin and sticky structure prevents the pads from being seen under the clothes, while its anatomical shape provides maximum stability with the chest handles. Package content 60 pcs.

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