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Sema Baby Multi-Purpose Muslin Blanket 100 x 80 cm Blue Star 8682476853131

Product Code: 1369307
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Tags: Sema, Baby, Multi-Purpose, Muslin, Blanket, 100, x, 80, cm, Blue, Star, 8682476853131

Sema Baby Multi-Purpose Muslin Blanket 100 x 80 cm Blue Star
This durable, breathable, pure, soft, healthy and useful cover will make your life and your baby easier in many areas.
Usage areas:
Drying after bath
Mouth and Sweat gland
breastfeeding cover
changing mat
stroller cover
Car seat cover
Protection from UV rays
In-game ground cover
It has super absorbent grains
Helps reduce allergic complaints such as breathing difficulties and asthma
It is long lasting
Provides ease of use with its fast drying feature
Suitable for use in 4 seasons
Machine washable at low temperature (Stain removing detergent should not be used)
It gets softer as you wash it
Content: 100% cotton
24 months warranty period
Production place: Turkey

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