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Pierre Cardin 3-Piece Breastfeeding Set - Blue

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Pierre Cardin 3-Piece Breastfeeding Set - Blue

Pierre Cardin Breastfeeding Pillow: It helps mothers to support their baby under their baby's head in case of breastfeeding, helps to relieve baby neck and mother's low back pain. It is non-slip and provides full support to your baby's head thanks to its bracelet-shaped elastic structure that is placed on your arm.

Pierre Cardin Nursing Cover: Pierre Cardin Nursing Cover is designed for you to be stylish and comfortable while using it. Breastfeeding outside and in public is no longer stressful. Your baby is calming down and focusing only on suckling.

Unlike breastfeeding under a blanket with the old methods, it prevents your baby from overheating with its thin fabric. You see exactly what your baby is doing. Pierre Cardin Nursing Apron folds easily and does not take up space in your bag. You can use the nursing cover for the following purposes: As a light blanket when needed, to protect your baby from the sun by hanging it in front of the stroller when its own sunshade is insufficient, to protect your baby from the sun while carrying your baby on your chest with a kangaroo - thanks to its thin fabric, your baby will not get too hot.

Usage: Thanks to the wide neck strap, the Nursing Apron is very comfortable. Whether your baby is tugging or tugging, your bib is on you thanks to the strap, put the neck strap around your neck and breastfeed as you wish. Pierre Cardin Breastfeeding and Support Cushion offers a comfortable environment to support your baby with its soft U shape. It also allows you to take an ergonomically correct position while breastfeeding your baby. Relieves back and arm pain. Babies use the mat to lie on their back, exercise on their tummy, and learn to sit. Mothers know better how much fun they have while doing this. The time it takes to breastfeed is tiring for mothers. The breastfeeding mat will help you to have a pleasant breastfeeding by making you comfortable during this time.

Pierre Cardin cushion covers can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Pierre Cardin Breastfeeding and Support Cushion:

Dimensions: 55cm-45cm-15cm Weight: 0,800 kg Cover Features: 100% cotton fabric

Filling material: Silicone Bead Fiber

Washing instructions: Zippered cover that can be washed at 30 degrees

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