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Mamajoo Nipple Protector Set with Storage Box & Ultra Absorbent Breast Pad of 30

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Mamajoo Nipple Protector Set with Storage Box & Ultra Absorbent Breast Pad of 30



Mamajoo Nipple Protector Set & Storage Box

Features and Advantages:

All mamajoo products are produced from high quality raw materials that do not contain BPA and Phthalates in our production facilities with ISO 9001;
mamajoo Nipple Protectors protect sensitive or cracked nipples during breastfeeding, helping the mother to continue breastfeeding her baby during this problematic period. Thus, the baby does not stop sucking on the mother's breast and continues to suck from the mother's breast easily when the sensitivity passes. Mamajoo Nipple Protector, which is specially shaped for the baby to feel the mother's breast, skin and smell more, has also been designed with lumps around the lips in order to give the baby an even more feeling of being on the mother's breast.
mamajoo Nipple Protectors are presented in their new packaging with a Storage Box, which can be used for sterilization and hygienic storage. Thus, an economical and user-friendly product was offered to our consumers, and an environmentally friendly packaging solution was found since it was not thrown away. With the storage box in the product package, you can reuse the Nipple Protector to be sterile and hygienically stored.
Made of thin, transparent, soft, odorless and tasteless silicone, mamajoo Nipple Protectors should be sterilized before each use.
Sterilization & Storage Box Usage:

Thoroughly wash your nipple shields and place them in the mamajoo Sterilization & Storage Box and add 25 ml of water. Set your microwave to 750 - 1000 W and run it for 3 minutes. After letting it cool for a while and pouring the water inside, your products will be hygienically ready for use.
Suitable European Standard: TS EN 14350
US Standard Compliant: F.D.A (21 C.F.R Part 177.2600)
Cleaning and Sterilization:

It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. It can be sterilized by boiling for 5 minutes or with mamajoo sterilizers. In order not to shorten the life of the product, avoid using abrasive detergents and replace them at regular intervals.
Mamajoo Ultra Absorbent Breast Pad 13cm





Mamajoo disposable Elegant Ultra Breast Pad prevents the clothes from getting wet and stained due to the milk leaking from the breast, while keeping the sensitive mother's breast hygienic. Mamajoo ultra absorbent gel breast pads are the ideal product for day and night use as they provide maximum dryness for longer than many breast pads with their 13 cm width and 120 ml high absorption capacity. It has a unique 4-layer structure to provide complete dryness with one-way suction technology and an outer surface that prevents leakage.


ULTRA absorbent, soft breathable top layer - Keeps the chest dry at all times

ULTRA absorbent padded layer - Provides extra absorbency, dryness and comfort

ULTRA absorbent gel inner layer - Prevents seepage and staining

ULTRA breathable outer layer - Helps heal sensitive nipples


Product Advantages:


It provides the longest time dryness with its high absorption capacity.

It is ultra thin, soft and air permeable.

It allows sensitive nipples to breathe, prevents irritation and helps healing.

It is extremely comfortable with adhesive tapes that prevent slipping.

It is in single packages for full hygiene and for you to carry with you when necessary.

Package Included:
2 x mamajoo Nipple Protector
1 x mamajoo Sterilization & Storage Box
30 x mamajoo Ultra Absorbent Breast Pad 13 cm

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