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Babybjörn Cradle Baby Bed

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BabyBjörn baby bed Cradle
which addressed age range : From birth until 5 months (max 8kg)
BabyBjörn Cradle, baby bed, newborn babies sleeping area and provides a safe and comfortable night's sleep for the day. 
light in weight, non transparent fabric and mesh with the size of your child while following high the cradle, you can move easily around your home. Its spring-loaded base turns your child's movements into a gentle and pleasant rocking.
Comfortable and peaceful sleeping space
birth provides a peaceful and comfortable environment for your baby to sleep in.
ideal for daytime naps and nighttime sleep.
weighs only 5 kg. You can move it around your house with ease.
Natural sway
the base of the spring, thanks to your baby's own movements with a gentle shake can.
test & safety : does not contain harmful materials.  All fabrics are tested so as not to damage your baby's skin and are safe. Öko-TEKS 100 standard, 1. the class is certified.
product material / fabric material: soft cotton Blend duvet cover cotton, mesh fabric 100% polyester. Its feet are made of iron and wood, and the foot part is made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).
washing instructions: cradle cap, it turns out to be easy, and with warm water in the machine at 40°C can be washed. 
bed and sheath in the machine with hot water at 60°C can be washed. 
Measurements : Standing in its unfolded form: 65 cm
bed size: 14.5 cm x 36 cm x 72 cm

IMPORTANT: Mosquito nets are not included in the price

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