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Sema Baby Slim form Organic Bamboo Snap Fastening Body Corset 720 Size: S

Product Code: 1369814
  • $11.12

Tags: Sema, Baby, Slim, form, Organic, Bamboo, Snap, Fastening, Body, Corset, 720, Size:, S

Thanks to the feature of bamboo fabric, it does not sweat
- Absorbs sweat very quickly in case of sweating and pushes it out of the corset
- Thanks to its anti-bacterial feature, it prevents the reproduction of yeast and fungi on your skin.
- Maintains its antibacterial properties even after washing many times
- It helps your skin breathe comfortably with its air permeability feature.
- It is deodorant
- Appearance and tactile feel similar to silk and cashmere
- Bamboo fiber is softer than the softest cotton
- Super soft and lightweight
- Thanks to its superior moisture absorbency, it does not keep your sweat on your skin
- Made with improved seamless knitting technology
- It gives a proper form by applying different pressure to different parts of the body with seamless knitting.
- Organic since it is made of bamboo fibers (natural cellulose fibers)
- It helps your skin breathe comfortably with its air permeability feature.
- It does not cause allergies on the skin thanks to the kun substance in its content.
- With its antibacterial feature, it prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi and the unpleasant odors they cause.
- Contains 90% Bamboo and 10% Elastane
- Does not contain chemical additives
- Does not contain paint

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