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Lansinoh Sterile Milk Storage Bag 25 pcs

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Lansinoh Sterile Milk Storage Bag 25 pcs

It provides hygienic and practical use in milk storage for mothers. By milking, milk can be stored safely with milk storage bags.
It preserves the immune-providing properties of milk and its nutritional value by preserving it.
It can be used to store and transport breast milk for working women or for premature babies, babies in hospital treatment.
The bags are in separate and soft packages.
There are 25 bags available.
It has a double zipper system. In this way, you can carry it safely.
There is a date writing section at the top.
Storage method: It can be stored in bags for 24 hours at 15 degrees, 4-6 hours at 25 degrees without being placed in the refrigerator. It can be stored in the refrigerator (+4 degrees) for 72 hours. It can be safely stored in the deep freezer at -20 degrees for 1 month, and for longer periods at –70 degrees.

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