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Fakir Dynamic 2 in 1 Personal Blender And Coffee Grinder Red

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Fakir Dynamic 2 in 1 Personal Blender And Coffee Grinder Red

*600W motor
*Compact & ergonomic design
*One-click operation feature
*Ice breaking feature
*BPA Free 570 ml & 400 ml mixing bottles
*BPA Free 180 ml grinding cup
* Hand-proof, non-slip silicone holders and leak-proof covers
*Stainless steel grinding blade
*Stainless steel blender blade
* Foldable carrying ring on the cover
*Coffee and spice grinder
*Non-slip sole

Aiming to make the time spent in the kitchen more professional and enjoyable, Fakir facilitates difficult and time-consuming operations with the small kitchen appliances it produces. At this point, blender sets come to the fore. One of the most preferred models of the brand, Fakir Dynamic Personal Blender Rosie; It performs functions such as shredding, grinding and ice crushing. Fakir Dynamic Personal Blender Rosie, which allows you to gain speed in the kitchen, also allows you to chop the food without crushing it thanks to its sharp blades. In this way, your meals are both more delicious and visually more satisfying. If you want to spend your time with your loved ones and not waste time in the kitchen, all you have to do is press the start button of Fakir Dynamic.


Why Should You Prefer Fakir Dynamic?

The grinding and blender blade made of stainless steel allows you to chop the food without crushing it.
The quality of the body and blade materials used in the product extends its service life, allowing you to use the device with maximum performance for many years.
The large chopper bowl of the device with a volume of 180 milliliters allows you to chop large quantities of food at once.
The device's 2 different speed levels prevent unnecessary energy consumption, while helping you to bring the food to the desired consistency.
Fakir Dynamic's powerful engine allows you to break even hard-to-break foods the way you want.

Technical Specifications / Additional Features

Blade Feature: Steel
Body Material: Plastic
Power (W): 600W
Measuring Cup Capacity: 180 ml
Color: Rose

Address of Satisfaction Fakir

Fakir, which makes the life of users easier with the small home appliances it produces, was founded by H. Wilhelm Kicherer in 1933 in Stuttgart, Germany. The company, which set out with the mission of bringing technology to homes, proved its quality in a short time after its establishment and became a global company. Continuing on its way without slowing down today, Fakir continues to expand its user base with the new products and technologies it has developed.

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