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Flip Pet SL7 Plastic Mouthpiece No:6

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Flip Pet SL7 Plastic Mouthpiece No:6
It is made of top quality non-slip plastic material.
It has high durability.
It provides extra security in all your walks with its non-opening clip structure.
The product, which is formed with unique angles, has an extra durable structure that does not hurt and provides easy grip.
With its adjustable use of leather binding, it adapts to similar races and weights.
Flip pet mouthpieces have 4 different size options.
It may take a few days for your dog to get used to the muzzle.
At first he will want to take it out.
In such situations, it is important to be determined.
Plastic mouthpieces are attached to the nose and should be used when someone is nearby, as they prevent the mouth from opening.
It should be removed in cases such as vomiting.
That's why your dog should be taken out when he will be alone.
This product is to ensure the safety of aggressive or aggressive dogs, especially during walking.
Poisoning is prevented by eating leftovers, especially in the evenings, while traveling.
It is used for purposes such as providing easy and safe examination during veterinary checks.

Compatible Breeds:

German shepherd, Labrador,
Rottweiler,Dogo Argentina and Knee-Up breeds of similar sizes.
(It is recommended to act according to your dog's nose size.)

Product sizes:

Nose length : 13 cm
Nose diameter: 13 cm
Nose Tip Diameter: 9 cm
Dimensions are outside.
Dimensions may vary + or - 1 cm.

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