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Miso 3-Stage Screen Cat Toilet

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Miso 3-Stage Screen Cat Toilet
Thanks to its perfect sieve design, you can easily and effortlessly separate urine and feces.
Our cats keep the environment clean while meeting their toilet needs.
The open toilet bowl is washable and has an odorless plastic feature.
100% emission-free material is used, you can use it with confidence.
Thanks to its easy opening and closing feature, product cleaning is done easily.
Due to its openness, the adaptation of the cat is provided easily.
It can be preferred from the first moment.
Made of flexible and durable plastic
You only need to use warm water and soap for cleaning.
You can easily sift feces and urine with the shovel that comes out of it.
There is no color option.
Ships within stock.

Product sizes:

54x38.5x16 cm

Instruction manual:

Keep the cat litter box away from eating areas.
You can empty the cat litter inside and use it.
Fill your toilet bowl with 7 cm high sand.
You should put at least 5 liters of sand in an average toilet bowl.
Throw out the clumped cat litter with the help of a shovel.
The rest of the cat litter is the clean and hygienic part.
Throw the waste sand in the trash.
Never pour it into the toilet.
Add as much cat litter as you discarded.
Sand should only be added when it is running low.
Wash your hands with warm soapy water.

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