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Catit Vesper Cat Tunnel Blue

Product Code: 1370745
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Catit Vesper Cat Tunnel Blue


The cat tunnel is a cat play tunnel that meets the need for play and rest together and helps your cat have a pleasant time.


· There is a plush cat bed where your cat can rest after playing.

The inside of the cat bed is filled with sponge.

The cover of the cat bed is zippered, it can be easily cleaned by removing it if desired.

· If desired, the plush cat bed can be removed and used separately.

· For those who use more than one cat or for a larger cat tunnel, the 2 tunnels can be combined to form a new ring-shaped tunnel.

· The cat tunnel has multiple entrances, your cat will have a pleasant time exploring the tunnel.

The cat tunnel is made of high quality fabric, it does not catch your cat's hair.

It is very easy to fold and store after use.

The cat tunnel is 96 cm long and 28 cm in diameter.

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