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Catit Play Treat Puzzle Cat Intelligence Toy

Product Code: 1370754
  • $26.48

Tags: Catit, Play, Treat, Puzzle, Cat, Intelligence, Toy

Catit Play Treat Puzzle Cat Intelligence Toy
❖ It allows your cat and dog to play alone with Chiwava Cat Play Ball models, which are designed for both spending time and exercising. The cat ball toy, which your cat will enjoy playing with and in which you can put a prize, is an excellent toy choice where your cat can improve his skills with exercise.

This fun Chiwava Cat Play Ball has been developed to stimulate all of your cat's senses.
Catit brand's slow eat is a food bowl that tries to get cats and dogs to eat slowly.
Thanks to the gaps on the food bowl, your cat and dog will be able to reach the food you left.
The designers aimed for your pet to use a little hoe to feed from the openings on the food bowl.
It is a suitable product for cats and small breed dogs.

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