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Exo Terra Reptile Water Bowl 10 cm

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Exo Terra Reptile Water Bowl
It is a decorative and stylishly designed reptile water bowl for reptiles, which can adapt to any reptile terrarium depending on its size. Gives a tropical look to your reptile terrarium. The reptile water bowl is made of food grade resin, thanks to its non-porous structure, it does not absorb harmful bacteria.

The reptile water bowl is 10 cm in diameter and 5 cm in height.
It can be used for any reptile terrarium of suitable size.
It is an ideal product for your reptile to reach water easily.
Exo Terra Reptile Water Bowl BENEFITS
Decorative Design
The water bowl, which has a coconut design, offers a stylish and decorative appearance in the terrarium.

Prevents Bacteria
Its non-porous structure prevents harmful bacteria from harboring.

Easy Operation
The easy-to-use water container allows you to drink water easily.

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