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Exo Terra Natural Bamboo Forest Reptile Base Material 4,4 lt

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Exo Terra Natural Bamboo Forest Reptile Base Material 4,4 lt


Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Floor is a multi-layered substrate that allows you to recreate the forest floor found in natural bamboo forests. The forest floor is one of the most distinctive features of the bamboo forest ecosystem. It usually consists of two main layers;

The top layer consists mainly of fresh leaf litter.

The base layer consists of rich organic matter. (Usually decomposed leaves and wood)


The unique fiber pulp used for Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Floor consists of a blend of short fiber and coir-peat grains ranging from coarse granules to fine clumps, providing improved soil drainage and healthy root aeration.


Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Floor is heat treated to reduce bacterial contamination.


Key Features

· 100% Natural

Multi-layer substrate

· Looks like natural forest floor

Keeps the soil soft and moist

Allows your animals to hide

Nutrient substrate for living plants

Ideal for natural terrarium setups

Heat treated and odor absorbing


Operating Instructions

Rub the terrarium floor 2-4" (5-10 cm) from the base layer. Water or mist the substrate according to the required moisture level. bamboo leaves.


Use an Exo Terra Hygrometer to monitor the level. Place an Exo Terra terrarium substrate heater under the terrarium to increase air humidity in well-ventilated terrariums or those with very high humidity requirements. Spot clean the mattress daily and replace it with completely new bedding as needed.

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