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Exo Terra Jungle Earth Reptile Base Material 4.4 lt

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Exo Terra Jungle Earth Reptile Base Material 4.4 lt


Natural base material for reptile terrariums, made of pine bark, that regulates the humidity level in the terrarium.

Exo Terra Jungle Earth is a 100% natural and soluble base material produced from pine bark.

Exo Terra reptile base material regulates the humidity level in the terrarium by absorbing the moisture inside the terrarium.

· Thanks to the optimum humidity level in the terrarium, respiratory tract infections are prevented.

It is a terrarium soil that keeps the humidity at the natural level for moisture-loving reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.

It is completely dust-free, prepared by heat treatment and absorbs the odor in the terrarium.

Finely ground pine bark base material has a structure that encourages reptiles' instincts such as carving and digging.

It is an ideal base material for reptiles living in tropical and forest environments and for natural terrarium setups.


Use of Reptile Base Material

· Pour the Exo Terra Jungle Earth base material onto the terrarium floor so that it covers the floor at a height of 3 - 5 cm.

· Water the base material according to the required moisture level.

· Use a hygrometer (humidity meter) to measure the humidity level in the terrarium.

· Clean the reptile base material daily and replace it completely with a new one when necessary.

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