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Exo Terra Reptile Ceramic Heater Ceramic 40w

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Exo Terra Reptile Ceramic Heater Ceramic 40w
It is a 40-watt ceramic bulb that provides the heat they need for reptiles such as iguanas, snakes, lizards and turtles living in terrariums. It emits an extremely effective heat and does not disturb living things in their daily activities. Lasts 20 times longer than traditional heat bulbs.

It can be attached to the terrarium.
Since radiant heaters do not emit visible light, they should be used with a heat shield.
It is a 40 watt ceramic bulb.
BENEFITS of Exo Terra Reptile Ceramic Heater Ceramic 40w
Quality Material
The bulb, which is made of ceramic material, is harmless due to its quality structure.

Sufficient and Effective Heat
The bulb, which emits sufficient heat, helps to provide heat effectively.

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