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Marina Betta Decor Modern Art

Product Code: 1370800
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Tags: Marina, Betta, Decor, Modern, Art

Marina Betta Decor Modern Art
The decor, which is specially designed for fish to hide and navigate, not only adds a stylish look to aquariums, but also provides a resting, hiding and entertainment area for fish. When the fish want to be alone, they can go behind the decor, and if they want, they can go through the holes in the decor.

It is placed on a raised pebble stand.
It presents a decorative image.
It provides entertainment and hiding space for fish.
Marina Betta Decor Modern Art BENEFITS
Hiding Space
Fish may want to be alone or hide from time to time. The decor also presents this space to the fish.

Decorative Item
It is a decorative product for an aquarium with a stylish appearance.

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