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Dajana Garlic Premium Discus Fish Food 10 lt 3 kg

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Dajana Garlic Premium Discus Fish Food 10 lt 3 kg
Discus Garlic Premium Discus Fish Food is a complete food for ornamental fish. Discuslar is a type of food in granule form that can sink at different speeds, meeting all nutritional needs of small tropical and ornamental fish, and specially designed to feed fish living at different water levels. It is recommended to give 1-2 times a day in the amount that they can consume in a few minutes.

Dajana Premium Discus Fish Food with Garlic BENEFITS
It is nutritious
It is rich in nutrients and supports the health of fish.

Protects Digestion
It is high in fiber, improves digestion.

Supports Fish Development
It helps fish development due to its quality structural features.

vegetable protein
Wheat starch
fish meal
Brewer's yeast
Krill flour
shrimp hydrolyzate
salmon oil
Protein 44%
Fat 5.5%
Ash 6%
Humidity 8%

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