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Dogit Fresh Clear Automatic Water Container 6 litre

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Dogit Fresh Clear Automatic Water Container 6 lt
Clear Automatic Cat Water Container is an automatic water container that provides continuous flowing fresh water for cats and dogs, especially designed for pets who like to lick and drink water from a running tap. Warnings; Do not operate without water. For the first use, wait 2-3 minutes for the water to circulate. Hard water and mineral waters should not be preferred as they will cause calcification. Do not clean while it is plugged in. During cleaning, it is recommended to remove the motor for cleaning, to check the magnet and not to use detergents for cleaning the motor. It is recommended to check and clean the filter regularly.

It has a water capacity of 6 liters.
Recommended by veterinarians.
It is 16 cm high, 31 cm long and 24.5 cm wide.
Dogit Fresh Clear Automatic Water Bowl BENEFITS
Encourages Pets to Drink Water
Dogit makes it attractive for cats and small breed dogs to drink water by providing constantly flowing fresh water, ensuring regular drinking.
It offers a multi-surface drinking area.
It meets the fresh and clean water requirements of your pets.
Since it provides continuous water flow, it does not allow the formation of old and stagnant water.
Reduces the Risk of Disease
It reduces the risk of kidney diseases.
Drinking water regularly, as in humans, makes it possible for cats and dogs to have regular kidney functions.
Functional Use
It has a dual function replaceable filter, the mechanical filter collects external factors such as debris, food and hair, activated carbon reduces bad taste and odors, and retains harmful substances in tap water.
It provides good quality water with optimal oxygen ratio by filtering the water with active carbon filter during the circulation of water.

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