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Dubex Brownie Rectangular Cat Dog Bed - Large Grey

Product Code: 1370670
  • $39.56

Tags: Dubex, Brownie, Rectangular, Cat, Dog, Bed, -, Large, Grey

Dubex Brownie Rectangular Cat Dog Bed
Pet bed made of quality fabric material specially prepared for our pet friends such as cats and dogs. Warm pet bed for your pet made of soft plush material. It has a rounded edge design for your pet to easily enter and exit. In this way, even kittens and dogs can easily climb onto the bed.

Dubex Cat Dog Beds are made of easy-to-clean material. It is produced in such a way that you can wash it in the machine whenever you want. It can be machine washed in 30 degrees water.

Notable features;
* Pet bed suitable for cats and dogs.
* It is made of fabric suitable for animal health.
* Easy to clean, long-lasting fabric material.

Product sizes;
95x70 Height 22 Cm

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