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Dubex Macaron Cat Dog Bed Grey Spotted Medium

Product Code: 1370688
  • $17.66

Tags: Dubex, Macaron, Cat, Dog, Bed, Grey, Spotted, Medium

Dubex Macaron Cat Dog Bed Grey Spotted Medium

The upper inner parts and the outer outer body of our Makaron Series mattresses are all made of liquid and stain-repellent cotton texture and linen-like fabric.

Our Macaron Series beds provide the perfect comfortable space for your dog or cat to rest stress-free. While its thick inner padding and sleeping surface provide soft protection, it protects against cold and hard floors, making it feel comfortable even on parquet or ceramic floors.

The interior of our Makaron Series mattresses is filled with 100% original 1st quality bead silicon fiber. Our product is the best quality and fullest mattress on the market in terms of material quality and inner filling.

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