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Kralle Cat Scratching Cream 35X40X95 Cm

Product Code: 1370708
  • $38.85

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Kralle Cat Scratching Cream
It is a cat toy that will satisfy your cat's scratching instinct while having a pleasant time. Thanks to this scratching product, your cat can climb, learn to use its nails and have fun with the scratching instinct without damaging the furniture in the house.

It is scratch resistant.
It is a product that cats can play with pleasure.
It measures 35 X 40 X 95 cm.
It is cream in color.
Protects Household Items
Cats may scratch the seats, carpets, curtains or many areas in the house for their scratching instincts. Thanks to this product, your cat can have fun in a way that appeals to his scratching instinct and does not have to scratch other items in the house.

Pleasant Entertainment
Specially designed for cats to have a pleasant time, the toy offers enjoyable entertainment thanks to its special design appealing to climbing and scratching instincts.

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