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Strong Pet Carriage Top Opening 50x33x29 cm Claret Red

Product Code: 1370864
  • $44.18

Tags: Strong, Pet, Carriage, Top, Opening, 50x33x29, cm, Claret, Red

Strong Pet Carriage Top Opening 50x33x29 cm Claret Red
It is a top-opening pet carrier bag, 50x33x29 cm in size, made of plastic material, metal door, easy to clean, for cats and small breed dogs.

The sides are grilled suitable for ventilation.
The cover is made of metal material.
It has a carrying handle on the top.
Dimensions: 50x33x29 cm.
Strong Pet Transport BENEFITS
Easy Cleaning
Cleaning is done easily.

Functional Use
Thanks to the metal door and strip, your dog can breathe comfortably.

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