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Pawise Slow Feeder for Dogs Small

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Pawise Slow Feeder for Dogs Small
The habit of eating fast food leads to an unhealthy diet of dogs. Eating food quickly, lack of chewing habits prevents the digestive system from working properly and creates the basis for various problems such as vomiting, digestive system disorders and stomach upset. The Slow Eat bowl prevents all these health problems from occurring by allowing them to eat at a slower pace.

It is hygienic and easy to use.
It can be used for water, dry food and wet food.
Pawise Slow Feeding Bowl for Dogs BENEFITS
Chewing Incentive
It helps them get into the habit of chewing and eat food more slowly.

Helps Regulate the Digestive System
It encourages the habit of eating slowly and ensures that the digestive system is regulated.

Prevents Stomach Bloating
It eliminates the factors that cause stomach bloating and prevents stomach problems that may occur.

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