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Doglife Easy Automatic Dog Leash - Large - Turquoise

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Doglife Easy Automatic Dog Leash - Large - Turquoise

Product features
Maximum dog weight 50 kg.
Strip length is 5 meters.
Special comfortable handle for extended use.
With the 360° free roaming feature, no knots are formed.

Operating Instruction
Free Movement;
Hold the collar in your hand and release the button. The strip will automatically stretch and retract again. This way, your dog can enjoy the freedom.

Momentary stop, Release;
Hold the collar in your hand and press and release the boot whenever you want. You will see momentarily that the strip is locked and released. Thus, you can control your dog in sudden situations.

Adjusting the Length of the Ribbon;
Take the collar in your hand and push it forward by pressing the button together with the lock button. You have stopped the movement of the lane. So your dog can roam at the distance you specify.

Shortening Distance;
While holding the leash in your hand, extend your arm forward and pull your arm back by pressing the button. When you release the button, the leash mechanism allows the strip to be collected. You can shorten the distance between you and your dog by repeating these steps as many times as you want.

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