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Doglife Chubby Chick Plush Dog Toy

Product Code: 1370614
  • $9.89

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Doglife Chubby Chick Plush Dog Toy
The cute plush toy, which can be your dog's best friend, is the product your dog will love for a pleasant game. While appealing to your dog's natural bite instinct, it can also have a friend that he will love. Dogs have the habit of carrying their favorite toys and sleeping with them. His plush friend can also be a sleeping companion for him.

Thanks to its plush structure, it does not hurt your dog's teeth and gums when biting.
It appeals to the biting instinct of dogs.
Easy to clean.
Does Not Harm Mouth and Teeth
It has a special plush structure that prevents your dog's teeth and gums from being damaged while biting.

Easy to Clean
After your dog uses it, you can wash it in the machine, if you wish, you can hand wash it and give it to your dog after drying. Thanks to its easy-to-clean structure, it is possible to clean your dog's saliva, dust or various bacteria.

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