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Batman Mirror Cover for Mercedes W205 C Series

Product Code: 1369754
  • $29.53

Tags: Batman, Mirror, Cover, for, Mercedes, W205, C, Series

Product Details And Features:

Vehicle Body Compatibility: Suitable for Mercedes W205 C series vehicles
Product description:

The package content is 2 pieces, right and left. It is perfectly compatible with the vehicle dimensions. The product is exactly the same as the product in the image.

The product is made of 1st quality ABS plastic material. The product is in piano black color. It is easily adhered with the double-sided tape on the back of the product. -Before removing the double-sided tape stickers, put the mirror cover at least once on the area where they will be placed and measure it. Do not forget that double-sided tapes do not provide good adhesion performance in very cold weather. In very cold weather, heating the surface and tapes for a short time with the help of a heater or a blow dryer will ensure better adhesion of the product to the vehicle. -Remove the labels on the double-sided tapes and place them on the application area in an aligned manner -Press well so that it adheres well, not excessively - Halfway for the adhesive to dry thoroughly Do not wash your vehicle during the day, do not leave it in the rain.

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