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Agricultural Credit Red Lentil Leaf 2500 Gr

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Agricultural Credit Red Lentil Leaf 2500 Gr


Agricultural Credit Cooperatives products;
It provides the opportunity for economic, quality and natural food consumption by processing the natural products taken from the farmers in international standards.
It is produced in a hygienic environment, does not contain additives and preservatives and is offered to you according to TSE standards.
The packaging of the products may differ from the packaging in the image, depending on the date or period of packaging.
The weight measurements (grams, liters, etc.) written for each product are the package weights; canned food, pickles, olives, etc. The weight of the package and drained product differs in liquid-containing products.
can show.
Product dimensions and weights are written and listed according to the units written in the List of Agricultural Credit Cooperatives.

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