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Sporty 4 Piece Windshield Spoiler Set FOR Toyota Accessory Yaris 2007-2012

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Tags: Sporty, 4, Piece, Windshield, Spoiler, Set, FOR, Toyota, Accessory, Yaris, 2007-2012

Toyota Accessory Yaris 2007-2012 Sporty Windshield Windbreaker Set of 4

It is designed for Toyota Yaris 2007-2012 model vehicles and adapts to the vehicle in which it is produced.

Windshield Windshield Features

The New Sporty Model is the Curvy Mugen Type.

It is produced from Dark Black 1st Class Stretchable Stylish looking Material.

The classic model is not a windshield spoiler, the new model is a sporty, curved mugen model.

Increases airflow and reduces fogging.

It adds an aesthetic and sporty look to your vehicle.

It protects you from wind, rain and dust if you open your windows slightly while cruising.

During the summer months, when the air conditioner is operating, you can prevent the cold air from escaping and search the window for your window spacing needs.

Opening your window very slightly while driving helps to easily pull the air out of the vehicle.

Rain from the window, wind, etc. protects from external factors.

Installation: It is used by sticking to the glass from the outside.

Package Content: 2 pcs Windscreen, 2 pcs Rear glass

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