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Loya 16 Pieces Roche with Pistachio and Milk | 176 Grams

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Loya 16 Pieces Roche with Pistachio and Milk | 176 Grams

Fresh nuts are carefully selected to prepare the most delicious roche chocolate. A quality real Belgian Chocolate Callebaut and nuts are mixed by hand and each roche is carefully shaped by hand. Each piece of Roche chocolate is created with effort and care. Roche chocolates, which are very suitable as a light snack with coffee, are a great source of energy to raise your mood during the day. Roche chocolate, prepared by hand, is also a special gift option for your loved ones. At Loya Chocolate, roche chocolates are prepared according to your wishes by professional chocolate chefs. You can choose any nut variety you want with milk, dark or white chocolate and ask the Loya Chocolate team to prepare the most suitable roche chocolate for you. You should visit our store in Çukurambar to taste roche chocolates prepared with original Belgian chocolate and to examine our different kinds of chocolate boxes!

*Since the chocolates in the boxes are handmade, they may differ in type and shape, and may not be exactly the same as in the image.*

All our chocolate varieties are handmade in our own workshop in Çukurambar, Ankara. First class Callebaut brand A class chocolate is used as raw material and ingredient. It does not contain any additives.

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