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General Use Plant Food 500 MlGeneral Use Plant Food 500 Ml

General Use Plant Food 500 Ml

Tropical Plant Nutrition is an ideal mixture that you can use for all your indoor - outdoor and flowering - non-flowering plants. It is a carefully prepared liquid fertilizer containing all macro and ..


Plant Food for Greener Leaves 500 MlPlant Food for Greener Leaves 500 Ml

Plant Food for Greener Leaves 500 Ml

Product Features: It is an ideal mixture specially prepared for flowerless, green-leaved plants. It contains all macro and micro nutrients. Its special formula allows it to be easily taken up by plant..


Orchid Plant Food 500 MlOrchid Plant Food 500 Ml

Orchid Plant Food 500 Ml

Orchids, like all plants, cannot get the nutrients they need from water alone. Our product contains macro and micro nutrients that orchids need; Therefore, it is quite effective in keeping the plant h..


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