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Deep Fryer

Korkmaz Vertex Red FryerKorkmaz Vertex Red Fryer

Korkmaz Vertex Red Fryer

800 gr. Frying capacity 900 Watt Adjustable thermostat Removable, filtered cover with indicator glass Removable and easy to clean PTFE Coated oil reservoir Easy-to-use carrying handles Korkmaz Vertex ..


Schafer Profilo Fryer FiSchafer Profilo Fryer Fi

Schafer Profilo Fryer Fi

Fryer frying machine SERIAL profilo Schafer Fi WHITE   Heating Power 1800 W (Max)   2.5 liters Removable nonstick oil reservoir   Adjustable temperature   Removable top cover   Observation Mosque   Fr..


Fakir Gala Deep Fryer WhiteFakir Gala Deep Fryer White

Fakir Gala Deep Fryer White

Fakir Gala Fritöz Beyaz   1500watt 1,5litre yağ kapasitesi Paslanmaz Çelik Dış Yüzey Kolay temizlik için çıkarılabilen yapışmaz pişirme kabı Cam pencereli çıkarılabilen kapak Sıcaklık gösterge ..


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